Fields of application

As premium drawer cabinets, this series completes the stump metal range of drawer cabinets upwards.
Telescopic pull-outs with 100 % extension, 75 kg load capacity per drawer, multiple pull-outs and anodised aluminium handle strips -
the cabinets of this series are used wherever there is an increased demand for functionality and appearance.

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Product specification

Made entirely of high-quality sheet metal and powder-coated with a high-quality structure. Surface insensitive, durable, impact and scratch resistant. Pleasant haptics.
Completely welded constructions. Five dimensions, two drawer heights and two standard colour combinations are available.
The drawers with heights of 100 and 200 mm can be loaded with up to 75 kg each and are moved on telescopic pull-outs (100 % extension).
The central locking system is equipped with integrated equipped with multiple pull-out stop.
The aluminium handle strips can be equipped with inscription labels and colour strips for optical marking.

Both are included in the scope of delivery. Standard colour combinations are:

Standard colour combinations are:

    • Body colour: Light grey RAL 7035

    • Drawers colours: Light grey RAL 7035, gentian blue RAL 5010




  • 5 years manufacturer's warranty
  • Made in Germany


Eco Statement Production

  • Main material: Steel. Unlike other construction materials, steel can be recycled almost infinitely without loss of quality.
    At the end of a long product life, steel items are not disposed of but sold for recycling.

  • Surface coating: Resin-based colour powder (polyester/ epoxy). Highly resistant, but without solvents, lead, cadmium and chromium.

  • Coating plant: Investment in environmentally relevant plant elements

    - Washing plant with water reuse (= radical reduction of fresh water consumption)

    - State-of-the-art, energy-saving drying technology (drying of adhesive water = energy consumption reduced by 30%)

    - Coating booths with powder recovery (no overspray loss, 100 % efficiency)