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Assuming that an industrial company, an administration, a university or an authority strives for an environmental certification, then one of the prerequisites for obtaining the certificate is the introduction of a functioning waste separation system.

What sounds simple is relatively extensive: Because unlike in private households, there are different conditions in building complexes in which many people are present. Aspects such as safety, fire protection and ergonomics are very important. In certain building areas, such as corridors and corridors, for example, there are precise regulations regarding the permissible external dimensions of waste collectors.

Strict regulations also apply to preventive fire protection, although these may vary from facility to facility. In most cases, the responsible fire protection officers determine individually which requirements must be met in the different rooms. Now, environmental certification or even the introduction of a functioning waste separation system is not one of the projects that are regularly carried out. On the contrary, such an undertaking is usually unique. It comes as no surprise that those responsible for such a project are not familiar with the details of this subject. And at least as far as waste separation is concerned, they do not have to. Because our appropriately trained employees come to you.

You take in the situation on site, listen well when you express your expectations and requirements, talk to fire safety officers at eye level, develop proposals for suitable container systems - in short: you do everything necessary to optimally meet your waste separation needs.

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