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In spring 2016, Stumpf Metall GmbH became a 99th member of the Familienunternehmer e.V. in the regional district of Siegen-Sauerland.

In Germany, family entrepreneurs account for over 40 percent of the turnover of all companies and provide 60 percent of jobs.
180,000 companies with over 8 million employees are represented here.

Family entrepreneurs are not profit maximizers. They do not strive for short-term profit, but for long-term preservation.
Unlike managers and politicians,
they are personally liable for their property and are often rooted in their region for generations.
This applies just as much to the skilled trades as to the family-run large company.

They are not beneficiaries of politically motivated redistribution; on the contrary, they generate the necessary funds.

Almost 60 percent of the value added of all German companies is generated by small and medium-sized enterprises
(SMEs) (source: Institute for SME Research, Bonn).

Without the funds generated here, the German welfare state would be inconceivable. By far the largest budget items
in the federal budget for labour and social affairs cannot be financed.

The reason for Stumpf Metall GmbH joining the family business is the fact that it is the voice of entrepreneurship, especially that of SMEs, is no longer
represented in the current policy.

On the contrary: The interests of family-owned companies, small and medium-sized businesses, are represented in a remarkable way by politicians.
Ignorance of the consequences for
the social market economy for ideological or centralist reasons ignored and circumcised.

And this is where family entrepreneurs argue against giving the Community a strong voice that cannot be ignored by politicians either.