Friendly to the environment

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With its product portfolio, Stumpf Metall is clearly positioned in the "Environment" sector. This naturally entails an obligation not only to manufacture products that stand for sustainability and resource conservation, but also to make the production process itself as environmentally friendly as possible: This begins, for example, with the company's commitment to steel as its main material.
Unlike other construction materials, steel can be recycled almost infinitely without loss of quality.

This even has the advantage for the user that the articles cannot be disposed of for a fee after a long product life, but can be sold for a fee. There is probably no better way to combine ecology and economy.

Since Stumpf Metall customers prefer products in attractive colours, a further focus is on the powder coatings used: All of these are resin-based (polyester/ epoxy) and completely free of solvents, lead, cadmium or chromium. These are processed in a self-contained powder coating plant with the plant elements:

  • Washing plant with water reuse (= radical reduction of fresh water consumption)
  • State-of-the-art, energy-saving drying technology (drying of adhesive water = 30 % less energy consumption)
  • Coating booths with powder recovery (no loss due to overspray, 100 % efficiency)

Investments are also being made in the other production areas in an environmentally friendly manner.

The claim to see every process in the company also and especially critically under aspects of sustainability and environmental protection is documented with the logo "Friendly to the environment" with the stylized natural elements for water, plants and mountains (earth).
Stumpf Metall will be pleased to send you the coloured sticker with this logo (Ø 14 cm) free of charge on request. Please fill out the form accordingly and use the keyword "Logo Environment".


„Friendly to the environment" certificate

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