Self-extinguishing properties

The adjective "self-extinguishing" is not a protected term.

So the manufacturer of his products (e.g. waste bins) can claim that they are self-extinguishing without a standard or regulation that says what this property actually means.

Nevertheless, in many areas of application only container systems with a self-extinguishing property are approved. So how can this requirement be met without this being a pseudo-argument?

For this reason, a testing procedure was developed at Stumpf Metall, in which criteria were defined which a new article must fulfil if the "tested self-extinguishing" seal of approval is awarded should be.
This procedure is strictly checked by external independents (TÜV Nord) before a corresponding confirmation certificate is issued.

Make up your own mind.
In the film below the examination procedure was recorded and documented:


If the self-extinguishing property of a waste collector or a waste separation system is relevant to your requirements, you should absolutely pay attention to the emblem "tested self-extinguishing".

                                                                            tested self extinguishing