mit sicherheit gut

In 2010, the Stumpf brand logo was supplemented by the claim ...certainly good!
This took account of the fact that product safety had become the most important item property alongside user-friendliness.
Because container systems, when used for internal waste separation in industry or areas open to the public are to be classified
as equipment, corresponding safety requirements are also made: accident prevention regulations must be considered as well
as those of preventive fire protection and operating ergonomics.
These requirements are not the same in every industry, which is why dialogue must be sought with the relevant authorities
safety engineers, fire safety officers and representatives of facility management. 
This ensures that each product is equipped with the safety attributes required for the respective application.
Stumpf Metall is pleased to have this confirmed by external institutions.
Fire protection reports in accordance with DIN 4102 A1 on the non-combustibility of products, certificates on the self-extinguishing
properties of waste separation systems, GS and type testing by the TÜV as well as the TÜV certification of the Production facility
to the Stumpf Metall standards.

 Simple: ...certainly good!

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