65 liter person

Stumpf Metall is proud not to produce mass-produced products. Positioning in the environmental niche with three independent product lines

     • Waste separation with system

    • Environmental and functional cabinets

    • STM - Stainless steel products

means that medium and small batch sizes must be produced in rapid succession. This requires the greatest possible flexibility and pronounced quality awareness at all company levels.

A quality system that works here cannot be purchased "off the shelf", but must be individually tailored to this flexible production model. In the course of time, a sophisticated, individual
QA system was implemented,
which is far superior to the usual standard solutions.

In addition, quality assurance is a top priority at Stumpf Metall, which is why the Quality Representative is also a member of the management level of the company.
In addition, in order to ensure that external institutions
can also trace and approve the Stumpf Metall QS system, the production of Stumpf Metall is also regularly
subjected to certification (certification by TÜV Nord).

tuev certification