All products of the Stumpf brand are "Made and produced in Germany".
It is common practice in the industry to import products from all kinds of countries, to assemble or repackage in Germany and then claim, these products are "Made in Germany". 
Stumpf Metall, on the other hand, is the proof: Regardless of whether trading partner or user: All interested market participants are cordially invited to see for themselves on site, that everything at Stumpf is indeed "Made in Germany".

This is not only important because of the quality standard derived from this fact. In a globalized world, the question of how a company is ethically aligned (also called compliance agreements) is also becoming increasingly important for most customers. In a well-structured industrial location like Germany, abuses such as discrimination, wage dumping, child labour, tax fraud, corruption and environmental pollution can be largely excluded in the legal economy.

Therefore "Made and produced in Germany" has not only a qualitative, but also an ethical statement.

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