Waste separation FP 45

Fields of application

For all indoor areas, ideal for corridors and corridors due to the small construction depth. Wall mounting is provided. Due to their depth and self-extinguishing properties,
containers of this series can also be used in potential escape routes.


Product specification

Made entirely of galvanised quality sheet and powder-coated with a high-quality structure. Surface insensitive, durable, impact and scratch resistant. Pleasant haptic.
Containers of this series are intended for wall mounting, so they can be hung up or placed on the floor and then fixed to the wall.
The galvanized steel inserts are swung out for removal after opening the hinged door. The hinged doors can be locked with a square key, a square key is included in
the scope of delivery. The throw-in is open, i.e. waste can be thrown in without touching the collector.
In the event of fire, the open access flaps close automatically - the containers are approved as "certified self-extinguishing".
Feed openings at an ergonomic angle of 40°.

The collectors are supplied with a set of ProPads (= protect-pads, highly robust, self-adhesive) in blue, yellow, green and anthracite. Thus, the user decides for himself which
identification colour the collectors should wear.

Capacity: 45 litres each.

To compensate for uneven floors, the two front feet are adjustable (level adjustment).



  • TÜV-proven production
  • Tested self-extinguishing
  • Non-combustible (fire protection class A DIN 4102, EN 13501-1)
  • 5 years manufacturer's warranty
  • Made in Germany


Eco Statement Production

  • Main material: steel. Unlike other construction materials, steel can be recycled almost infinitely without loss of quality.
    At the end of a long product life, steel items are not disposed of but sold for recycling.

  • Surface coating: resin-based colour powder (polyester/ epoxy). Highly resistant, but without solvents, lead, cadmium and chromium.

  • Coating plant: Investment in environmentally relevant plant elements

    - Washing plant with water reuse (= radical reduction of fresh water consumption)

    - State-of-the-art, energy-saving drying technology (drying of adhesive water = energy consumption reduced by 30%)

    - Coating booths with powder recovery (no overspray loss, 100 % efficiency)