ProPads© - protect pads

pro pads trapez  pro pads rechteckig

The most frequently used component in container systems is the access flap. In the course of a container system's life, it can be opened and closed several hundred thousand times.
To be on the safe side here, the material and torsion spring were tested
over the long term and the opening/closing process was carried out over 3 million times.
The access flap itself is made of galvanized quality sheet steel. In order to provide lasting and effective protection for the surface of the access flap, which is often particularly exposed to waste to be thrown in (e.g. cans), the waste separation Modul and waste separation Flex-M series were equipped with so-called coloured ProPads© (= protect pads). These pads are self-adhesive and are applied by the user, who can thus decide for himself which identification colour the waste bin should bear as an additional benefit.
The ProPads are abrasion and scratch resistant, UV and weather resistant, colourfast, washable, extremely insensitive and protect the access flaps in an optimal way.