Waste-separation FP 45

The rector of a grammar school in northern Germany intended, to set up waste separation systems in his institution, whose opening is unclosed, allowing the waste can be thrown in without touching the container.
At the same time, however, the responsible fire protection officer insisted that the containers to be purchased had to be self-extinguishing. Now the self-extinguishing property of waste collectors usually works by blocking the oxygen supply, which ensures that a fire cannot spread due to a lack of oxygen in the event of a container fire. This is the main reason why self-closing access flaps are used.
Stumpf Metall solved the obvious contradiction in which a waste separation system was designed (waste separation FP 45), in which the access flaps are held in the open position, the Waste can therefore be thrown in without contact.
In the event of fire, in any case, the flap closes automatically. Due to the lack of oxygen supply then the fire extinguishes in a very short time.
This process has been certified by both the TÜV and the German TÜV.
Patent and Trademark Office Munich (DGM).

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WDR film on the market launch of the FP 45 waste separation